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Momos Sauce Recipe:– This is a tasty tomato chili garlic sauce. It is served with Momos.

I used to eat momos for the first time in a Nepali restaurant when I was in NC.  There were 6 different types of chutney served with Momos. Out of this, I only got two choices. There was one who was totally pungent, whose taste was rich with garlic. His taste resembles the taste of today’s momos sauce. And the second was made of curd.

This Momos chutney is tasty in taste, a little sour and garlic. Light Swadwale momos taste of this sauce with bringing only the best. The rest of the sauce was served with the Vege Spring Roll and everyone in the family liked it.

Its tasty flavor comes from happy red chilies. Here I cast half the dry sweet red chilies and half the quantity Kashmiri Lal Chilli which is less pungent. If you do not like tarted food, then only use Kashmiri Lal Chilli. Always remove chili seeds and stalks and throw them away, which reduces the heat and it is not good for health.

A little sour taste of this sauce comes from tomato and lemon juice. If your tomatoes are very sour then you can add a pinch of sugar to correct the taste


1) Take a saucepan of water and add dry red chilies and tomatoes.

2) Keep the flame of gas in medium and cook for 5-6 minutes after boiling. During this, the chili will become soft and tomato peel will come out automatically. Let it cool down

3) As long as it is cold, take cumin seeds and whole black pepper in a small pan. And roasted it continuously on low heat. The good smell of roasted cumin will begin to come, then close the flame of gas and take it out in a small plate. Let it cool down too.

4) Now filter the tomato chili water and throw it away. And take ripe tomatoes, chilies and roasted cumin seeds-black pepper in a mixer jar. Put garlic buds and salt in it.

5) Squeeze the juice of a fresh lemon.

6) Grind it finely and make chutney. Extract in the serving bowl.

How to serve: Serve this pungent tomato chili garlic sauce (Momos chutney) with Vegas Momos. Also, this sauce spring rolls, potato Vejis, veg cutlets, steaks or Pakora can be served with.

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