Tips that will fill your taste

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Food is what can bring a smile on everyone’s face, can make every unhappy person happy, but this is possible only when the food becomes tasty. We are telling you some tips which will surely taste in your food too. – tomato soup you can still put a little peppermint powder to make it delicious. This will make it delicious as well as healthy. Dry the mint leaves and grind them and mint powder will be made just at home. For yogurt elders, while stirring the lentils, mash boiled potatoes in it. Will become bigger and softer. – By grinding sago and fenugreek in idli batter, it becomes soft. Kasuri Methi enhances the taste of both dal and paratha. – If you soak it for half an hour before making dal then it will be very good. – Puri becomes crispy by adding semolina to the puris flour. – By mixing sugar in dosa batterDosa will be crispy and will be very tasty.

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